Who is my audience?

I start to think about a question that I have not given much thought before: who are my audiences when I write? 

Although I do not think I can ONLY write to certain audiences, but the answer to the question will shape the nature and content of my writings, or at least the majority of my writings. The answer will also help me to polish my prayer and crystallize my imagination of the audiences.

In the past, my passion has always been the unconverted. I feel that I am writing to the unbelief, and I have a burden to help them overcome their unbelief. That will be a job of an evangelists.

Then, I start to write like a pastor. I have many audiences who are Christians, or once Christians. They face doubts, questions and struggles in life. So, I write for them to strengthen their faith and clarify their understandings.

Now, I feel that I must write like a theologian. My audiences should be the pastors. My goal is to educate their understanding of how to apply Christian theology in a Chinese cultural and religious contexts. However, what about the academia? Should I write for them as well? Should I write for them so that they understand the Christian vision of the Chinese culture and religions? What about my practice? Besides writing, what should I do? Should I establish schools or teach pastor conferences? What is my mission, I ask my Lord.

Today is my son’s three year old birthday. I shall celebrate with him for this wonderful question that is in my mind. Praise the Lord, for wherever there is a question, there is an answer. Ask, and you shall receive. 

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Against James Dunn fallacy: the false dichotomy between knowledge and grace (or Christian living)

Quote Monday: are you growing in knowledge AND grace?.

James Dunn’s quote misled many christians to believe that the moment they pick up the Bible to read, or the moment they attempt to study the bible by using theology books, they are doomed to depart from their “child-like” faith to God. James Dunn, nonetheless, is not alone.  His reasoning in the quote shows that he made a direct connection that some problems he saw were results from reading the Scripture or using theology books. Granted, he didn’t specify the titles of the theology books, so there might be a chance that they were bad books spreading false teachings.  But, hey, Scripture too?! So how would he suggest Christians to live? I guess, without opening the scriptures! This is sadly the most suicidal teaching and a false one in Christ’s church. I have been fighting against this fallacy for years, but I admit that my hands have grown weary. However, I will again rekindle my passion to fight this good fight. Listen up, world, I am back!

” I am a very nice guy. People will tell you.  I really am… But I got a lot of fight left in me. I don’t get tired. I don’t grow weary.” Obama said on Friday as his closing remark for his last campaign 2012. I shall say the same and commit myself the same to the Lord. We have, I have, a more important fight to fight. If christian church will continue the false course of James Dunn dichotomy, we will lose the battle of life and death, truth and fallacy, grace and ignorance.  Thus, we must fight on. I must fight on. And with God’s knowledge and grace, I will, till we win, and we will win.

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